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525th Meeting
Tuesday, Decemberr 12, 2017

Season Osborne


     In the 1880s, Prairie farmers petitioned for a quicker, cheaper route to ship their grain to markets in Europe. A route from a railway port on western Hudson Bay, across Hudson Bay and through Hudson Strait to the Atlantic waters seemed ideal. In 1884, in order to assess the navigability of this Hudson Bay and Strait route, the Dominion Government organized an expedition to traverse the strait, and established six observation posts at points along Hudson Strait to study the ice and meteorological conditions. Between 1884 and 1912, 10 government expeditions were made by sea through Hudson Strait to determine shipping conditions and an ideal port on Hudson Bay. In the 1920s, a final survey of the route was carried out by aeroplane. Finally in 1929, 45 years after the first expedition, the inaugural shipment of grain left the port of Churchill, taking the Hudson Bay and Strait route to Europe.
     Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Season went to the University of Ottawa, where she graduated with a BA in theatre arts. She worked as a stage manager for 12 years, in theatres across Canada. She then switched to a career in writing. In 1999 Season became editor of Above & Beyond, First Air’s in-flight magazine, where she had her first real introduction to the Arctic. In 2001 a request for a photo for a magazine story led her to Library and Archives Canada, where she came upon a photo of Capt. Joseph-Elzéar Bernier claiming the Arctic in 1909. When she embarked on a Master of Journalism degree at Carleton University, she decided to explore Capt. Bernier’s contribution to Arctic sovereignty in her thesis. This subsequently led to extensive research into Canadian and ‛foreign’ expeditions to the North, which developed into a book – In the Shadow of the Pole: An Early History of Arctic Expeditions, 1871-1912. Since 2014 she has travelled as a historian on Arctic cruises with Adventure Canada and has transited the Northwest Passage three times. In 2015 she sailed through Hudson Strait and was excited to trace the voyages of the Hudson Strait expeditions – the subject of her presentation.
     The meeting will be held in the Astra Lounge on the entrance level of the RCAF Officers Mess, 158 Gloucester Street (just east of Bank Street), Ottawa. Parking is available on the street and in nearby parking lots. There is a charge of $4.00 for evening use of the parking lot in the same block as the Mess. The meeting begins at 2000 hrs and the bar will be available from 1930 hrs. As always, guests are welcome.
    At this time of year, authors, editors and compilers are encouraged to bring copies of their latest œuvres for display and sale at the meeting.

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Season’s Greetings!
Thomas Frisch

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