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The Arctic Circle is non-profit, volunteer organization made up of people who enjoy learning, talking and sharing information about the North.

The annual cost of membership is….

  • Regular:
    (residents of the National Capital Region): $30.00
  • Out of town:
    (living outside the National Capital Region): $20.00
  • Students:

New members may join and memberships may be renewed in person at the meetings, on-line here, or by mailing this form. Note that on-line membership dues are slightly higher to cover costs.

The Executive

Peter Morse (President) is a Natural Resources Canada research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada specializing in permafrost and periglacial geomorphology. His relationship with Arctic began in 2004 when he began graduate research  in the western Canadian Arctic where his research focused on near-surface permafrost conditions at the Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary. After recieving his PhD in Geography from Carleton University he was awarded a postdoctoral position as an NSERC Visiting Research Fellow in a Government Lab, which he held at the Survey within the Climate Change Geoscience Program. His involvement with the Circle, which began shortly after the start of his graduate research, has included membership on the Committee, and he has been the Circle's webmaster since 2009.

Luke Copland (Past President) is a professor and Director of the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research in the Department of Geography at the University of Ottawa. He currently holds the University Research Chair in Glaciology and has worked on the glaciers of the Canadian High Arctic since the mid-1990s, as well as glaciers in the Yukon, Alps, Andes, Himalayas and Antarctica. He undertakes frequent fieldwork on Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, as well as in Kluane National Park in the Yukon, and much of his research is focused on glacier dynamics and how it may change under a warming climate. He has also worked extensively on the ice shelves of northern Ellesmere Island since the mid-2000s, and their associated ice islands. He currently supervises 8 graduate students, and is chair of the Northern Scientific Training Program at the University of Ottawa. More information about his research is available at Luke is the key contact for the Circle and he can be reached at

Thomas Frisch (Secretary) is a geologist (BSc Hons, Queen’s University, 1962, PhD, University of California Santa Barbara, 1967) who spent his entire professional career with the Geological Survey of Canada. His first experience of the Arctic was as a student assistant on a GSC field party in central Ellesmere Island in 1962. Tom subsequently spent some 23 summers in the North, working in the Precambrian Shield of the Eastern Arctic, northern mainland and Greenland. Although he retired in 1996, Tom continued his association with the GSC on a volunteer basis until 2011. Besides geology, Tom’s interests extend to book collecting (geology and Arctica) and Arctic history.

David Terroux (Treasurer) (Biography to follow)


The Committee

John Gilbert (Biography to follow)

Carole Gobeil (Biography to follow)

Paul Hamilton (Biography to follow)

Kenn Harper (Biography to follow)

Janice Lang (Biography to follow)

Dorota Medrzycka (Biography to follow)

David Murray (Biography to follow)

Season L. Osborne (Biography to follow)

Natalia Rybczynski (Biography to follow)

Claudia Schröder-Adams (Biography to follow)

Philip Schubert (Biography to follow)

Alice Wilson (Biography to follow)